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Town Pump reports fuel overfill to DEQ



 March 8, 2021; Butte, MT  At approximately 1:30 PM on Saturday January 30, 2021 approximately 485 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled as the result of an accidental overfill by the fuel delivery trucking company during the filling of a tank at the Town Pump at 3700 Harrison Avenue. Some of the fuel flowed into Harrison Avenue and entered the storm water drain. 

n Pump team members contacted the Town Pump Environmental Department for assistance and began efforts to contain to spill.  The Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department was dispatched and began to isolate the fuel and put sand on Harrison Avenue to prevent fuel from flowing further onto the road. 


The Town Pump environmental team immediately dispatched Butte based environmental consultant Bill Henne from Water and Environmental Technologies (WET) to the location of the spill. WET put down booms to capture the fuel and brought in drums to collect the spilled fuel.    


The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) was notified of the overfill by Town Pump at 2:30 PM on Saturday January 30, 2021.  


An unknown amount of the spilled diesel fuel flowed off of the premises and into the gutter along northbound Harrison Avenue. Some fuel comingled with snow did enter the storm drain system and traveled north and entered the storm water retention pond immediately south of I-90. While booms and pads have been placed in this area to keep diesel from entering Blacktail Creek. Booms and pads are checked daily and replaced as needed. Unfortunately on February 3, 2021 a slight sheen was noticed on Blacktail Creek. 


Town Pump is actively working with the DEQ, Water and Environmental Technologies, the fuel delivery trucks insurance company and Hunter Brother Construction to execute and implement a remediation plan for all areas impacted by the accidental spill.  




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