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News Briefs

President sells access to himself

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Oct. 11, 2020
Cutting out the middleman, President Trump sells access to himself, the New York Times reports.

COVID-19 on rise among US Capitol workers
Oct. 7 2020
With no comprehensive testing regimen in place, cases of COVID-19 are surging among frontline workers in the nation's capitol complex, Roll Call reports.

KBMF dismissed two veteran deejays
Sept 21, 2020
At mid-month, KBMF dismissed two of their longstanding deejays. Hear what they have to say.  Read about it here.

George Will on the President

Sept 7, 2020
An American conservative columnist takes the Republicans to the woodshed. Read George Will here.

Former Butte Rescue Mission Director brings lawsuit against mission.

Rocky Lyons, former director of the Butte Rescue Mission, has brought a lawsuit against the mission alleging wrongful discharge. The mission, in turn, has alleged in court documents that Lyons used Mission funds for personal use. Read more here.
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