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News Briefs

Anaconda fires superintendent

July 4, 2021
The Anaconda School District Board of Trustees fired its superintendent last week. Justin Barnes was terminated by the district on Thursday, KXLF reports.


IRS overloaded with work and understaffed

July 2, 2021
The Internal Revenue Service still has 35 million tax returns to process, and it's low on staff, Government Executive reports.

China's dictatorship suppresses Hong Kong media

June 23, 2021
China's dictatorship froze millions in assets and arrested journalists in Hong Kong, prompting the Apple Daily, the city's largest pro-democracy newspaper, to shut down, CNN reports.

Capitol officers not properly equipped on Jan. 6

May 24, 2021,
Officers who battled the criminal gang that attacked the US Capital on Jan. 6 weren't given proper equipment, Roll Call reports.

Congress and the military tackle extremism in the ranks

May 23, 2021
There is an argument in the nation's capital over the extent of extremism in the US military, Roll Call reports.
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