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New Butte Area Businesses

Markovich puts on Coldwell blue

July 14, 2018

Markovich Real Estate recently added Coldwell Banker to their brand. 
Broker/Owner Bill Markovich said that his firm began to look for a partner that could bring rapidly advancing technology to his company. He said that Markovich chose Coldwell Banker because they were the most advanced technologically, and because both firms possessed a strong work ethic. 

Butte Montana military store on the march

Story and photo by Jim Larson

In business, Rex Moss identifies his target before he pulls the trigger, acumen that he’s gained over time.

 “I was a retail consultant for over 30 years, and so I know how these things work, “he said from behind the counter of his Butte location, Military Surplus & Tactical Gear, last Friday.

More than a year ago Moss, along with his wife and partner Annmarie, opened a military surplus and tactical gear store in Dillon. In June they opened a second store in Butte at Tamarack Square. Within 90 days, they will open in Bozeman, and his partner is looking at Helena as a possible new location, Moss said.

In addition to their brick and mortar locations, the pair will have a website up within a week to ten days, the entrepreneur said.

As Moss spoke, customer Steve Stone came into the store.  Fresh out of the army, Stone noted, “I haven’t seen a tactical or surplus store since I left Bragg.” (Fort Bragg is a large U.S. Military installation in Cumberland County, North Carolina that serves as the home of, among others, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, the base’s official website said.) Stone seemed to be delighted to have found the store, and Moss noted that it wasn’t Stone’s first visit to the Butte location.

Stone and Moss began to talk ammo, and that is the product that Moss makes the focus of his operation.

Moss doesn’t keep a warehouse full of surplus items. Surplus is only about 20 percent of Military Surplus & Tactical Gear’s sales.  That category of product was too “hit and miss,” and demand for it “comes and goes,” he noted.

The surplus and gear that the stores do carry is high grade, dated 1990 and newer, and most of it still carries the original tags. Moss also carries Propper brand uniform grade military clothing. “When you buy military grade clothing or boots, you know it’s the best quality product you can buy,” Moss said in his release. “It’s all made according to military specifications,” he added.

Moss targets product that moves. “We do real fast turns on things,” and those things are top quality and all American made, he said.

Much of what Moss carries is not only American made, but locally produced. He buys his ammo and reloading supplies from nearby Montana armories which he says are top notch, and “Our pepper spray is made right here in Butte,” he notes in his release. Of his ammo suppliers, Moss says that there are four local Montana armories within five miles of each other in Western Montana, including Hunting Shack of Stevensville, and that they make, “absolutely the best product on the market.”

Moss and his wife have lived in the state for roughly a decade, and they are “avid fans of the Montana lifestyle,” delighting in the area’s hometown feel, incredible scenery, and the abundance of recreational opportunities, the release said. They are a local couple offering locally made products, feeding the Montana economy, Moss notes.

Find Military Surplus & Tactical Gear at 3703 Harrison Avenue in Butte. Call them at (406) 299-3419. Email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Park and Main cafe under new ownership



                Park and Main Cafe is under new ownership. 

                Up until now, the café operated as part of Culina Vitalis, a non-profit entity operated by Greg McDonald. The nonprofit  had a mission to teach young candidates culinary arts and life skills.  Although many students advanced through the program, the student base declined and McDonald, teacher and Chef for the nonprofit, elected to pursue other career paths.  The restaurant is now owned by a partnership of the Metals Bank LLC and Ryan Jonart, a press release said.

                Alicia Novak continues as manager, Novak confirmed.

                The cafe continues to offer its breakfast menu, pastries and drinks Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-1 p.m. and Saturday 6 a.m.-2 p.m.  Some of the former students are now employees and the remaining staff will focus exclusively on guest service with great food. 

                Pastries and espresso drinks will be available for those on the run and a full sit-down breakfast is available for those who want to relax and take in the ambience of Historic Uptown Butte. Customers may save time by ordering ahead at 299-2069. 

                Park and Main is located, remarkably, at the southwest corner of Park and Main. 

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