Right to vote vital gift

Created on Tuesday, 04 August 2020 Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 August 2020 Published Date
July 21, 2020
Dear Editor,
The words, “I have the right to/not to (fill in the blank),” are being heard around
the United States a lot these days. It’s true. We Americans have a multitude of
rights as compared to billions around the world.
Having been out of school for quite some time (and not being a history buff), I
decided to review some basic rights that we do have here, especially those that
were unique to a democratic nation just feeling its way to a new path to being in a
land far from its original roots.
One vital “gift” we citizens (age 18 and above) possess is that we each are granted
the privilege of the right to vote. The trouble with rights is that sometimes we
aren’t sure we really want them; maybe we don’t feel we know enough to make
informed decisions or perhaps it’s just easier to let others carry that load. I’ve felt
ill-prepared, left some lines or boxes blank and have missed some local elections,
and, well, failed to do my part.
Finally, I now recognize that my right to vote is a hard-fought privilege, which
many individuals shed tears and blood to attain. Just recently, our country has
been saying “goodbye” to a courageous man, Representative John Lewis, whose
life has been one of placing himself on a dangerous road to ensuring the right to
vote for all Americans. Representative Lewis wanted so much to be part of the
American experience that he was willing to die for the right to vote and
participate as a member of the American citizenry.
I encourage you, whether young adults or those in middle to late years, to watch
news online, listen to news reports, and consider thoughtfully when reading the
Please join me in voting for the persons, beliefs and causes that you personally
endorse. America is only America when we follow the footsteps and mentoring of
our wise founders.
Elaine Hundley
Ennis, MT