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After a long absence of nearly four years, the Pipes and Drums Band of the Edmonton Police Service will return to perform at venues around “Ireland’s Fifth Province” and to march in the annual parade to help the city celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade will include the Pipes and Drums Band of the Edmonton Police Service, a group that has been coming to Butte to perform and help celebrate Butte’s Celtic heritage since 1984, 39 years ago.

They will perform at locations throughout Butte for their March visit, including --

Wednesday, March 15th

7:00 pm, Irish in Me, 401 S, Wyoming St.

Thursday, March 16th

10:30 am, Head Start, 1000 S. Arizona St.

11:30 am, Big Sky Senior Living, 3701 Elizabeth Warren Ave.

12:30 pm, Headframe Spirits, 21 S. Montana St.

2:30 pm, Northwestern Energy GOB, 11 E. Park St.

3:30 pm, Butte Plaza Mall 3100 Harrison Ave.

4:30 pm, BSB Courthouse Rotunda, 155 W, Granite St.

5:30 pm, Crazee Carol’s, 2702 Walnut St.

6:30 pm, Butte Brewery, 465 E. Galena St.

8:00 pm, 51 Below, 51 W. Park St.

9:00 pm, Cavalier Lounge, Hotel Finlen, 100 E, Broadway

Friday, March 17th

9:00 am, West Elementary, 1000 Steel St.

10:00 am, The Springs, 300 Mt. Highland Drive

12:00 pm, Parade, Uptown Butte streets

1:00 pm, Metals Sports Bar & Grill, 8 W. Park St,

2:30 pm, Shenanigans Bar and Casino, 1000 S. Excelsior Ave.

3:30 pm, Sam’s Place, 905 N. Excelsior Ave.

5:00 pm, Pair-A-Dice Bar, 1653 Harrison Ave.

6:00 pm, The Depot, 818 S. Arizona St.

7:45 pm, Handing Down the Heritage, Butte Civic Center, 1340 Harrison Ave.

9:00 pm, M&M Bar & Grill, 17 N. Main St.

Contributions large and small are gratefully accepted and acknowledged to help defray the expenses of the Pipers while they are in Butte for expenses such as lodging and travel.

Donations can be sent directly to Mainstreet Uptown Butte, P.O Box 696, Butte, MT  59703 with a notation that the donation is for the Friends of the Pipers Fund.

For more details, call Mainstreet Uptown Butte at 497-6464 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..