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Butte, MT, November 14, 2022 - The Copper Star that was fabricated for Montana Resources  and graced the top of the Capitol Christmas Tree in Washington, DC in 2017 still shines on  display in the BSB Courthouse. The copper star returned to Butte to be displayed at the 2018  Montana Folk Festival and now has a permanent home in the BSB Courthouse at 155 W.  Granite St. 

The star has eight points and features Montana's state flower, the Bitterroot, on the front and  back -a three-dimensional copper piece attached at the center. The star is nested in a steel frame wrapped in copper. Plexiglas allows internal lighting to shine through. Again this holiday season, Mainstreet Uptown Butte and BSB County invite Butte citizens to  come see the star and make a wish for the holidays. 

"We have again installed two candy cane colored wish boxes in the Chief Executive's Office at the Courthouse -- one for children and one for adults," said George Everett, Mainstreet  Uptown Butte Executive Director. "No wish is too big or too small but it has to be made for  someone else. Wishes can be anonymous or they can be entered with name, address and phone number so that perhaps we can make a few of these wishes come true," added Everett. "Between now and noon on December 16th, Butte citizens young and old are encouraged to make a wish for the community of Butte, or for neighbors, friends or families. Wishes are often made in silence in front of a well or a fountain or on a bright star in the sky. We think that this particular well-traveled star is a great place to make a wish, and we want to see what those wishes are for Butte and to see how we might, if possible, help make a few of  them come true this holiday season," added Everett. 

So, for the next month, as you do business in Uptown Butte, stop by the Courthouse at 155 W. Granite Street and make a wish upon a Copper Star as you enjoy the season's festivities in  Uptown Butte. 

Sometimes, against all odds, wishes do come true. 

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